The TV show that everyone should be watching except no one seems to be is back! Orphan Black season 2 premieres April 19th on BBC America. And to mentally prepare everyone for forth coming awesomeness Orphan Black's Instagram account @orphanblacktv has been releasing snippets from the new season every day since 2/26. Here is a breakdown of the 8 new clips:

1. "Sarah Threatens Rachel"

It looks like Sarah arrives at the Dyad Institute to confront Rachel the new Proclone. Most likely Sarah has gone there in search for her daughter Kyra. In true Sarah fashion she immediately gets physical with Rachel and points a gun in her face while straddling her. Rachel's reaction provides some insight into her clone character, "Nobody lays hands on me." Is she implying that she has some deal of freedom with the institute making her immune to the treatment bestowed upon the other clones. We know the other clones are constantly being monitored physically and mentally and have been handled both knowing and unknowingly. It seems as though Rachel feels above this treatment given to the clone club. Enter Sarah Manning and we have alpha clone vs. alpha clone.

2. "My Biology, My Decision"

The next clip features favorite lady nerd Cosima. Cosima is clearly sick with bloody cough. Beyond that we aren't really sure of her condition. The last clone we encountered with the cough died of a gunshot wound so we can't really be sure what she has is deadly. But it is certainly concerning that the only clone that can really explain the science behind this conspiracy might be a goner. Cosima seems to be taking measures to figure out what's wrong with her in Season 2. Her statement though seems like she might be leaning toward something unorthodox. Or maybe she's just stating the obvious that she should have control over her biology, not an outside source.


3. "Alison's Abduction"

Delightful. Allison fighting back against her unknown abductors can be described no other way. Her mom like martial arts, pepper spray and rape whistle couldn't explain her better. But who is abducting her? Hard to tell, she did sign the contract with Dr. Leekie so they could be coming to collect their property. Seems clandestine so most likely not the cops investigating Aynsley's death.


4. "No Middle Ground"

I honestly don't believe for a second that Paul will betray Sarah. I do think he legitimately fell in love with her and is willing to play double agent (he is military) to protect her. Though I do find it interesting he seems to at least know Rachel previously, when he led Sarah to believe he was a lowly monitor who wasn't told much about the project.


5. "On the Run"

Who's this guy? Kyra's dad? One of Sarah's presumably many exploits. He seems to know her well since he's acquainted with her tendency to run. More on him later.


6."Not Really Murder"

More Felix and Allison this season please. They really need a spinoff webisode in which they live in a flat together and get in hijinks that they conceal from Mr. Roper. Anyway Allison is clearly starting to feel something about her non murder of her nosy neighbor she thought to be her monitor. Too bad it's really her husband despite all the craft torture she put him through. Allison asks Felix not to tell Sarah solidifying Sarah's place as head clone. Good housewife gone bad, what's not to love?


7."Cosima's Sick"

So Rachel already knew Cosima was sick. Meaning she may have been genetically altered from the beginning to be pre-determined for a disease. Are the clones just cogs in a clinical study, Cosima being the sick one, the others being the controls. Or is that just the summit of this science project's volcano.


8. "Sarah's in Trouble"

The mystery man is back with Sarah. It looks like she probably just killed someone judging by his reaction to calling the cops. Or is he Kyra's dad and she just informed him that his daughter is missing. Either way Sarah is in yet another tight situation with the police. But if we learned anything from last season they are the least of her problems and easily fall for her expert manipulation skills.


This season really looks like it's going next level down the cloned rabbit hole. Hopefully it delivers on what was a phenomenal first season and origin tale. Can't wait for April TV!

Orphan Black Season 1 is now available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.…